Research Models

We provide full Quantitative and Qualitative marketing research services, which focus on four main areas: Consumer, Product, Brand and Website. Different research models are applied for different objectives in each area.

Research models can also be modified or combined together to help our clients understand more complicated marketing environments. Please contact us for a customised research plan and quotation tailored to your business needs.




U&A Research
U&A (Usage & Attitude) Research is one of the most commonly used marketing research models when study consumers. It combines the research about consumers’ behavior together with their attitudes towards product or brand. U&A research would recommend on strength and weakness of current products, brand images and market segmentation.
H&P Research
H&P (Habits & Practices) Research focuses on understanding consumers’ buying and using habits in their daily lives. Companies would get a clearer map about improving products and services. At the same time, new opportunities and development directions could be addressed.
CMC Research
CMC (Consumption and Media Channel) Research is the way to understand target consumers’ habits about purchase and media channels. From CMC research, business could better reach consumers by optimizing its media plan and distribution channels.
Market Segmentation Research
Market Segmentation Research helps to divide a market to different groups of buyers with respective needs, characteristics and behaviors. Based on research findings, business can draw a clearer map about marketing mix(es), and further more, select one or more segments to enter.
Satisfaction Research
Satisfaction Research is used to identify consumers’ satisfaction degree towards different attributes of a product or service. It helps business to better recognize its product or service’s strengths and weaknesses.



Idea Screening and Concept Test
Idea Screening and Concept Test is for screening the best new product concept, and usually launched before product development. It tests product concepts with current or potential target consumers to find out which concept have the strongest consumer appeal.
Price Test
Price Test gives recommendation on what a proper price and a price range of a product or service is. It is based on consumers’ perceptions about the product or service’s value.
Package Test
Packaging Test provides evaluation about whether the test package(s) is effective enough to catch consumers and get positive feedback from them. The test can also address the best package or the improvement direction of the current package.
KANO Research
As an important supplementary to Satisfaction Research, KANO Research is used to further distinguish consumers’ needs towards a product into different groups. Based on consumers’ perceptions, it helps business better understand the importances of different product functions.



Brand Health Research
Brand Health Research helps brand understand its strengths and weaknesses comparing to competitors in the same industry. From research findings, researchers could outline the brand image exists in consumers’ minds, and suggest the improvement directions to make the brand healthier.
AD Effectiveness Test
AD Effectiveness Test focuses on measuring the effectiveness of an advertisement or a prototype of an advertisement before or after it is launched. It gives marketers evaluation about how effective the test AD is(will be) and recommendations on how to improve the current AD.



Website Usability Research
Website Usability Research analyses opinions collected from website users. After data analysis, it provide actionable recommendations on how to make the test website more attractive and user-friendly, and it is always used before Website revision.
Website Users Research
Website Users Research helps website know its users better not only from their registration information, but also from their needs, social status, characteristics, attitudes towards life, buying behaviors, media habits and etc.
Online Media Value Research
Online Media Value Research is always used to find out the value of a Website as a media channel. It gives solid data support on how effective the advertisers can reach, involve and influence their target audiences through the particular online media.