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We provide full Marketing Research and Translation services focus on understanding Chinese and North American consumers in/outside Canada and the US. We help you make smarter decisions for your business by designing customized marketing research, extracting in-depth insights and actionable recommendations, and translating them to the language you need.

We're passionate about helping businesses understand their customers' needs, optimise the marketing decisions and eventually increase sales.

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Research Models


We provide translation service to ensure our clients' needs are best satisfied. Our translators are richly experienced in translating marketing collateral (brochure, Web content, report and etc.) between English and Chinese.

Questionnaire Design


Our professionals have rich experiences in customising questionnaires in English and Chinese for various research objectives. We concentrate on composing direct and unbiased questions to keep the data quality.

Data Quality Control

Data Quality Control

Our Panel Data Verification System consists various control points during and after each data collection process, which can assure that invalid answers and samples would be deleted from the data pool.



It's not just about data analysis. Our experienced analysts are always here to provide actionable recommendations to your marketing strategy. We only enjoy our growth together with your business growth.